Enjoy The Food In Costa Rica

Enjoy The Food In Costa Rica

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I was wrong when I believed I was mainly eating Latin food but the food that it serves in Costa Rica is phenomenal. You would be amazed that there are numerous restaurants in Asia and just as many restaurants in Europe. The food is abundant and the costs are sensible. Each good hotel of course has a restaurant, but at the local restaurants you want to eat.

In San Jose Costa Rica, a lot of good restaurants are available. Ristorante Bohemia is a good European restaurant serving a fine wine list for a formal European lunch. I have constantly discovered Tin Jo’s on the list while searching for restaurants to try. This restaurant is still in company and appears to have stood the test of time. The food is deemed to be pan-Asian and Chinese, Japanese, Thai, even some East Indian dishes are available. The deserts are tasty.

I went to a Cuban restaurant once and I discovered that not everything from Latin to México is like food. I became upset and asked for salsa and chips. Big oops for that one, I had a filthy look. The same applies to Costa Rica; don’t wait until the local cuisine is like Mexican food. The food we eat here in the United States can be regarded as being bland and healthier than the food in Mexico. Costa Rican food, because it is fresher and natural, is regarded to be healthier. No potatoes here!

Costa Rica’s best food is that fruits, vegetables and seafood are very fresh. Beef and pork are also fresh in some instances. The juice is generally fresh in all restaurants. It appears that fresh rather than frozen serving is cheaper. There’s also the cheese produced by the Quaker society from Monteverde, and when you traverse Monteverde you will have an opportunity to meet the Quakers. Many smaller restaurants do produce their own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

A warm cup of coffee is something I got to have in the morning. If the weather is warm or not I don’t care if I need a cup of hot coffee in the morning to move on. One good thing is, Costa Rica makes a good coffee crop. You can store and bring coffee bags back as donations for your family and friends. Many hotels are situated on ancient coffee plantations or on real coffee plantations.

Ceviche, which is beautiful with seafood, is one of its local dishes. I’m making my own shrimp and crab version here at home. Hearts of Palm is one of the delights of most salads. I believe that’s awesome, particularly since I love Palm Hearts. They’re expensive here in the states and I haven’t been there for quite a while.

Just like any nation in Central America, plants are a staple of Costa Ricans diet. When I was a child my friend from Puerto Rico served her mother’s fried breakfast Plantains. I’ve been surprised to find her on a fried banana put ketchup. Well, I quickly discovered, Plantains are in the banana family, but more like potatoes are used.

Costa Rica is the sky for vegetarians or those with vegetarian diets because of all the new foods available. Many vegetarian restaurants for your dining enjoyment are accessible.

Most major hotels have buffets which you can eat at, but you’re not going to be able to make yourself a disservice if you don’t attempt the local cuisine with it being as new and original as it is. Regardless of where you are, get out and seek food in Costa Rica. Every day, visit somewhere new.

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